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When to go not considered a problem anymore. Due to Cambodias troubled past, numerous outdated books and travelguides - sometimes completely wrong (!!!) and a somewhat shaky reputation, we often get enquiries wheter its safe to go to Cambodia or not. The Khmer Rouge is gone and mines have been cleared around Siem Reap and the Angkor complex as well as Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville and other tourist areas. The current security environment has also been relatively stable since the 1998 elections. Compared to other major tourist destinations around the world, Cambodia is currently a relatively safe travel destination and Siem Reap and the temples of Angkor are probably safer than most other major tourist destinations in the world.

Nevertheless, if you decide to go off the beaten tracks to remote sections of Cambodia and distant, less frequented temple ruins, you need to take extra mine safety precautions. Stick strictly to paths, seek advice and go with a guide. If in doubt, ask us for advice!!! 

Traffic accidents are not uncommon in the somewhat chaotic traffic of Cambodia, particularly in Phnom Penh, and car taxi is the safest way of moving around. For those of you who choose to rent a motorcycle and drive yourselves, be forewarned about the traffic, and be cautious!

Violent criminal activities directed at foreign tourist outside the capital of Phnom Penh is almost unheard of. However, armed robberies in Phnom Penh have happened. The best way to avoid robbery is to take a car taxi when travelling after dark. Nevertheless, if you are confronted by robbers - do not resist! I repeat, do not resist. Do not resist, give up your money and they will probably leave you as quickly as they showed up.

Having said all this, the vast majority of  tourists that visit Cambodia will never face any major problems. As in any country accidents do happen, but there is no need to worry uneccesarily. Do not do in Cambodia, what you would not do in your home country, and, as always, use your common sense!!!


For health issues check out this comprehensive webpage:


For the latest safety updates and travel advice, do also consult the Foreign & Commonwealth Country Advice:



Do not do in Cambodia, what you would not do in your home country, and, as always, use your common sense!!!

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