Quotes from our Guestbook

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'Clean room, good food, friendly service. You got it all here at Earthwalkers. If I had one word to describe my time here it would have to be phenomenal!!!'

Big Serge, USA

'We all had a phenomenal time here at Earthwalkers. You added to our trip w/ great food & clean rooms. The service was exceptional! Krap koon krap.'

Charlie, American living in Thailand

'It has been a very nice surprise to come a place like this (Earthwalkers), with very nice people and a special environment. The most we appreciate is the people here. Clean room and clean bathroom is the best you can have.'

Tavo and Maribel from Madrid, Spain

'An amazing island of luxury in Cambodia. Exactly what I needed after a few loud and crazy nights in Phnom Penh. Beautiful, friendly staff and an excellent CD collection.'

Daivid O'Çonnor, Corcaigh, Eire

'Such wonderful people and a spectacular hotel! Thank you very much for your hospitality and friendship and the great food...'

Clair Butler from California, USA

'Blatently the best place I have stayed in while I've been in Cambodia. Siem Reap is pretty freakin'nutz! Mad-cap temples, lush junglist-style countryside and friendly staff made this a pretty wicked time...'

Davey, England


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