Phnom Kulen

Phnom Kulen is where king Javaraman II initiated a royal ‘god of the king’ linga-cult in the early 9th century, declaring a unified and independent Cambodia under one single ruler. This is where the age of Angkor began…

The river of the thousand lingas on top of the holy mountain for the Khmers Phnom Kulen has hundreds of linga stands, a beautiful waterfall and active pagodas. A popular place amongst the Khmers and often visited by the locals.

A trip to Phnom Kulen can easily be included in a daytrip combined with stops at other places of interest, such as Beng Melea and Bante Srey.
Entrance fee $ 20.Accessible by Car, Moto and Dirtbike.

For more information and prices, please come and see us.The clear and cool water is perfect for a refreshing swim on a warm day…

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