The Sangkheum Centre for Children

The word “Sangkheum” is Khmer and means hope. The centre houses 49 children and youths that are provided with a home, education, sports, vocational training and lots of love. Take a guided stroll around the grounds of the centre and experience the everyday life of the children.

Krousar Thmey

Krousar Thmey (new family) works in several areas with underprivileged children. To mention some, they have a safe house for children in need, a “street kids”drop in centre and a school for mute, blind and deaf children. On the grounds of the last mentioned school you can visit their interesting exhibition of Tonle Sap Lake and their own work. You can also get a wonderful “Seeing hands” massage by the blind.

Handicap International

Handicap International supports and rehabilitates victims of landmines, UXO’s and other diseases. In addition, they have established a number of physical rehabilitation centres. In Siem Reap you have the opportunity to visit one of their centres and to see their exhibition of their work here.

Angkor Hospital for Children

The hospital provides care for 300 – 500 babies and children a day. The visiting is very limited but if you want to finish your day off with a good deed, do a quick stop here and give them something from the heart…, a blood donation in a secure hospital that will save the life of Cambodian children.

And if you haven’t had enough of the good…, there is more J

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