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Kristin Holdø Hansen (23)
 is, despite her age, probably one of Earthwalkers’ most excperienced  individuals. In addition to extensive travels around the world and work experience which includes Booking Manager at Comfort Home Hotel Atlantic, Sandefjord; waiter at Sydney 2000 Olympics and at Sydney Opera House, she has just finished a Bachelors Degree at the International College of Tourism & Hotel Management in Sydney, Australia. As at now she works as Hotel Manager in Siem Reap. 

Gard Bruno Schãrer and Martin Ørevik. This dynamic duo has been the Management Team in charge for the year 2003. Outgoing, friendly, always with a smile short at hand, as well as rich and varied backgrounds from the service sector - including the International College of Tourism & Hotel Management in Sydney, Australia - they have added a new dimension to the Earthwalkers' concept!!!

Thomas Holdø Hansen (29)
graduated from the Univeristy of Brighton in June 2000 with a BA (Hons) in Tourism Management. With his experience from Cambodia he has an extensive knowledge base about Cambodian culture, customs and the local language, Khmer. He has functioned as a Project Supervisor in Siem Reap from the earliest stages until the completion of the hotel.

Onpilart Satilakullarod (28)
 joined the Earthwalkers-crew in December 2001. As a native Thai-speaker and with her background as Marketing Manager, outgoing personality, everlasting smile and eminent cooking skills, she has definitively been an increment to the company.


Sigve Austheim (35)
is one of the initiators of the company. He has an MBA from University of Wales and his entrepreneurial spirtit is unquestionable as he also is the founder of International Tourism Institute (ITI). Currently he is living in Spain with his wife and two children

Alf-Einar Gjertsen (27)
Coming from a small place, far up north in the picturesque Lofoten islands, he is also one of the initiators of the company. Alf has undertaken a Bachelor’s degree in Adventure Tourism Management in Birmingham, England, and is one of the corner stones of ITI.

Pål Guldbrandsen (25)
is a young Sandefjordian with a BA (Hons) in Adventure Tourism Management. He is now in the process of taking a Masters study at the Univeristy of Sydney and enjoying the surf and cold VB’s at Australias southern beaches. 

Arnfinn Øines (24),
holding a BA (Hons) in Adventure Tourism Management, is coming from a small place far up north in Norway. But, nevertheless, he has travelled extensively around the globe. So far the tally shows at least 33 countries, but there are still more to come... His hometown Bodo has a fotball team called Bodø/Glimt and an average temperature noticeably lower than Siem Reap.


Geir Ove Golden
Sales & Marketing Manager at Detur in Oslo, Norway. 



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