Beng Melea

A sprawling 11th century jungle temple, largely overrun by vegetation. Beng Melea is located 60 km east of town, and, even if the roads are constantly being improved, it takes around 1 ½ hours to get there. That is, 1 ½ hours through beautiful countryside, small villages – entirely worthwile…

It is possible to combine the trip to Beng Melea with visits to other destinations of interest, like Phnom Kulen, Kbal Spean and Bante Srey.Reachable by moto, car and dirtbike.

For more information about prices and how to get there, come and see us. The feeling of discovering something new, being in an Indiana Jones film-setting… It’s not just another temple, it’s Beng Melea.

The poor road through beautiful countryside, combined with the lack of visitors, makes the trip a different experience and a perfect daytrip…   

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