The Angkor Temples - Cambodia´s Pride

Many people who have never been to Angkor believe that it is only one monument. However, Angkor was the capital of the mighty Khmer Empire from the 9th to the 14th century. From here, a dynasty of Khmer kings ruled one of the largest and most sophisticated kingdoms in the history of Southeast Asia.
The construction of the ancient capital lasted for more than 300 years, leading to several changes in the architecture and religious movements from Hindu towards Buddhism, which is still followed by more than 90 percent of the Cambodian population. Covering an area of 250 km2, and with more than 1000 archeological sites, Angkor was made up of hundreds of buildings. Because of their links to the gods, only the temples were considered good enough to be built in stone. The wooden structures have perished over the years, leaving only the Angkor temples to be seen today.

There are different ways of exploring the temples. You can go by bicycle, moto, tuk-tuk or car. Depending on how interested you are, it is possible to purchase 1-day, 3-day- or a weekly pass.
The three main temples are Angkor Wat, Bayon and Ta Phrom; they are magnificent and the powerful ambience cannot be described with words.
Yet, the smaller temples have something special to them as well…

Go out and find your own special favorite. Maybe it is the same as ours…?

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